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Those words… That’s how it all started

We were a group of friends that loved good music and podcasts. We particularly loved it when we could listen to our favorite music with earbuds that produced mind-blowingly crystal clear, precise sound. 

(Once you listen to high-quality audio, it’s hard to go back. Trust us on this!) 

Our problem was that we couldn’t get what we wanted without paying a fortune. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and LUDOS was born.  

We started back in 2018, and now five short years later, we are the #1 small business seller of wired earbuds on the planet. Whew! That escalated quickly! 

I guess that’s what happens when you are ridiculously unrelenting about your product’s quality. We researched and tested literally hundreds of other earphones and earbuds at all price points. We learned what works and what doesn’t. We learned how and why the best was “the best,” and we made it our mission to not only match their quality but beat it. And we did!

At Amazon, we have OVER 2 MILLIONS SATISFIED CUSTOMERS and OVER 100,000 POSITIVE REVIEWS, and that number continues to grow.

When it comes to wired earbuds, nothing compares to LUDOS. We sell thousands and thousands of earbuds every day, and we turn around and sink that money right back into R&D to make sure our product always stays #1.  

We’re talking sound quality and microphone quality. For calling and talking with earbuds, these beat most wireless earbuds hands down. Plus, they are a fraction of the price.  

So, rest assured that whether you’re using our LUDOS earbuds to make a phone call for work, for listening to music at the gym, or just talking with your family, you’re getting the highest quality sound possible at the best price.



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